About DeWys

The DeWys Difference

Leveraging technology, talent, and innovation to deliver quality outcomes for our customers every day. 

Committed to the success and safety for all stakeholders, the divisions of DeWys Metal Solutions offer a variety of services and innovative metal solutions, meaning more options, support, and products from one supplier.

With 40+ years in the industry, our reputation has continued to shine based on our full-service metal fabrication, powder coating, welding, press brake and product development capabilities. Our Journey to Lean manufacturing has continually improved manufacturing and administration processes. Operational Excellence processes and training were implemented to improve culture and performance providing long term sustainable growth.

While we continue to evolve and grow, our vision, mission and values stay the same.

About DeWys - Our Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Promise

Mission: Committed to the success and safety of all stakeholders

DeWys Metal Solutions is recognized as a great place to work and first in precision metal solutions.

Our executive team works diligently to maintain a positive work environment for everyone at DeWys. This positive, supportive environment directly impacts our customers, often through shorter lead times, increased productivity, and the level of teamwork they experience.

This culture makes DeWys Manufacturing the industry leader among West Michigan metal fabrication companies. Employees at DeWys Manufacturing are viewed as team members, instead of workers, and are continually encouraged, challenged, and rewarded for innovative work. They are also assured that their personal contributions are an integral part of the company’s overall success and the success of our customers. This strong sense of community ensures customer satisfaction, creates long-lasting relationships, and generates repeat business.

Vision: To provide solutions today that meets our customers requirements tomorrow

We are able to provide efficient solutions by using the theory of Lean manufacturing to decrease waste, ensure quality, and continuously adapt to a diverse customer base. To ensure the success of Lean manufacturing, DeWys Metal Solutions continuously invests in the latest equipment and technology throughout the organization to ensure the production of high quality products in the most efficient manner. In addition, we regularly upgrade programs and software to increase our integration level with our wide range of customers. All of these continuous changes today, ensure that DeWys will be competitive for years to come.

Values: Advance the process, Respect the character, Customer Centric, and Empower Talent

Our team of manufacturing and metal fabrication experts are the foundation of the quality metal solutions we provide to any industry. We recognize our team as the best in the business because of their dedication to advancing the process, respecting the character of the work and team, always being customer centric in design and execution, and finally, empowering our talent to remain at the top of their game, whatever their craft.

Quality Promise: We will continually improve our methods to deliver defect free, competitively priced products and services on time to our customers

DeWys Metal Solutions has the confidence in our team members and systems to make promises to our customers that they know will be met. Because of our quality team members and Lean manufacturing processes, we can promise our customers that the highest quality standards (including ISO-9001:2015) will be used during production and the end-product will be defect free.

Our values and quality promise impact everything we do.

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