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DeWys Manufacturing Inc Celebrates 40th Anniversary

DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West Michigan based metal solutions company, is delighted to announce that in 2017 they are celebrating 40 years in business! Their road to success has taken them on a journey of changes- from location and ownership to technological advancements and the development of DeWys University, their in-house training program. The company has grown to 160 team members.

Starting in 1977 in a little red barn producing fireplace inserts, DeWys Manufacturing is now a 90,000-sq. ft. contract manufacturer serving over 160 customers in more than 10 different industries. DeWys’ ‘Circle of Companies’ includes precision sheet metal, contract manufacturing, powder coating, machining, and product assembly. Providing all of these services allows DeWys to partner with their customers in every aspect of the production process from the initial design to a completely finished and assembled end product.

40+RoadWith the mission to provide solutions today that meet their customers’ requirements tomorrow, the company has been quick to adapt to changes in technology over the past decades and worked as a team to implement the new and upcoming trends. “I’ve always encouraged our innovation teams to be progressive, to try new things without the fear of failing forward,” said Jon DeWys, CEO of DeWys Manufacturing. “This mentality allowed us to stay afloat during the challenging economic recession from 2008-2013. During this time period many manufacturing companies experienced a decline in sales and some even closed their doors. Because we were diversified in our service offerings and customer base and have always invested in technology, we made it though and came out stronger than ever.”

Second to technology, DeWys’ top resources are their team members. The company realized that as a manufacturer in Michigan, they needed to create the talent required to keep up with their growth. In 2012, The DeWys University was born. “DeWys University has really allowed our business to grow. We’ve been able to build a team of motived, well-trained, and knowledgeable employees who are excited about their future with the company,” said Laura Elsner, Workforce Development Manager. “

While the company will take time to celebrate and acknowledge the major milestone achieved, they’re also looking forward to the future. “We take a lot of pride in hitting this 40 year mile stone. We know that we’ll never be finished finding new ways to innovate and we’re looking forward to the growth ahead of us,” said Jon DeWys.

2016 Behind Us, 2017 Starts Now

I would like to take this time to personally thank our loyal customers, suppliers, and team members for the opportunities, orders, materials and resources provided to make DeWys a success in 2016. At DeWys Manufacturing, we count on our customers to award us work that we can excel at in every way. In our business, we focus on a diversified and balanced customer base. This diversification enables us to bring leading practices from one industry to the other. As many of you know, we supply industries including office furniture, medical equipment, and industrial/consumer products. This strategy enables us to grow and strengthen our business, allowing us to continue to supply high precision products for another 40+ years!

This year DeWys Manufacturing added on a second facility to provide additional capabilities for our customers. As that continues to develop, our hope is that this facility will bring more value to you. Also housed in this location, DeWys and several local employers, have partnered with a local K-12 public school system to create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) lab. We currently have 100 students ranging from grades 7th – 10th that are participating in project based learning in the STEM lab. The lab encompasses approximately 3,500 square feet adjacent to a real manufacturing business where the students can hear and witness firsthand how ‘things’ are made. We believe that DeWys Manufacturing needs to foster that next generation to achieve the workforce necessary to continue business for another 40 years.

In celebration of 40 years of being your complete metal solutions provider, we are going to take this year to optimize the investments we have made over the past year. We plan to work on better utilization of the new automated conveyor system, our in-house weld cell “Megatron”, the automated insertion machine, and our P-2 lean panel bending Salvagnini. These 2016 advancements will really improve our processes, quality, and on time delivery for 2017.

With 2016 behind us, we are all looking to 2017 as an exciting year for DeWys Manufacturing. We look forward to continuing our partnerships in the new year.


Thank you & Happy New Year!

Jon DeWys

CEO of DeWys Manufacturing

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Team Members Pay It Forward in 2016

DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, would like to recognize their compassionate and charitable team members for another fulfilling year of community service. The company takes pride in knowing their team members have helped improve someone’s life, and enjoyed creating positive relationships in the community.

In May, DeWys Manufacturing team members had the opportunity to volunteer their Saturday morning with the Kids Food Basket organization. During this time food was prepped for the sack suppers program that will go towards 7,500 children in the greater West Michigan area. During the month of October, a group of 20 volunteers from DeWys Mfg. joined together to build two houses through Habitat for Humanity of Kent County. Each house had 10 people and the projects consisted primarily of framing and insulating. Not only did the DeWys team members provide sweat equity, the company also sponsored both houses by covering the cost of supplies. Finally, DeWys held their annual Thanksgiving canned food drive in November. This year a competition was held between value streams to bring in the most canned goods. It was a record breaking year as team members joined together to donate more than 450 pounds of food to Feeding America West Michigan.

The volunteers from DeWys Manufacturing helped in making 2016 a banner year for community involvement. The company is looking forward to the positive impacts the team members will make in 2017.


DeWys Manufacturing Partners with Local School to Increase STEM Education

DeWys Manufacturing and MOVE Systems are privileged to announce the partnership with Kenowa Hills Public School for the new STEM lab program. STEM is a science, technology, engineering and math focused program which gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the growing fields of STEM centered careers. This program stimulates students to solve vigorous problems, gather information and interpret data.

The STEM lab, located within DeWys Manufacturing’s secondary location, is a hands-on classroom with over 3,400 square feet of workspace that is strategically placed side by side a real-life manufacturing setting. By equipping students with this type of learning environment, they are provided access into real-world careers to innovate, research, create and prepare to become tomorrow’s leaders. The community has come together during the planning, construction and launching processes to synergize a lively and safe environment with exceptional learning opportunities. This facility is equipped with computers for CAD design, 3-D printers, and computer screens at each workstation allowing for multicast imagining to join teachers with students. The space also includes access to collaborative technology, with a core curriculum designed to help students accelerate in studies while earning math or science credits.

The STEM program is currently open for enrolled students of Kenowa Hills Public School in 7th and 9th grade. In the fall of 2017, enrollment will be open for 7th through 10th graders. Recently, DeWys Mfg. received the 2016 A.R. Hedberg Training & Education Award which granted the company $1,500 to use directly towards an educational partnership. The winnings were donated to Kenowa Hills Public School STEM lab program to enhance the current curriculum. DeWys Manufacturing along with Kenowa Hills, is overwhelmed with the continuous support from the community. Companies have donated time, supplies and ideas to help construct the STEM lab, and prepare students for diverse learning and careers in the developing STEM fields.


DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Promotes Manufacturing Day to Students and Teachers in the West Michigan Area

DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce their involvement with the National Manufacturing Day event for the fourth year in a row. By opening the doors to the public, this helped to promote the skilled trade industry and allow DeWys Mfg. to promote the advanced manufacturing processes they provide their customers.

This year manufacturing week was celebrated in the West Michigan area from October 2nd through October 8th. A total of 3,100 students visited a variety of manufacturing facilities to gain knowledge, participate in tours and hands on activities to better understand the diverse fields in the industry. DeWys Mfg. hosted 155 students from Kent Intermediate School District, Discover Elementary, and Ridge Park Charter Academy. The students received a tour of the shop, participated in a team building activity, and explored the MCAM trailer provided by Grand Rapids Community College. Along with the tours given to students throughout the week, DeWys Manufacturing hosted 15 math and science teachers organized through the Kent ISD called “Teachers in the Industry”. This event consisted of the teachers taking a mechanical reasoning test to show the initial steps taken in the hiring process, a short video on DeWys Manufacturing, and a question and answer panel with four of the DeWys team members. This allowed the teachers to learn from the team members about career paths in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Week in Grand Rapids was unique compared to past years thanks to the City of Grand Rapids and the Mayor Rosalynn Bliss. An official proclamation was created for 2016 declaring October 2nd through October 8th as Manufacturing Week.  As stated in the official proclamation, “Whereas the city of Grand Rapids joins with the State of Michigan to celebrate Manufacturing Week and recognize our manufacturers for their commitment to creating jobs and a prosperous economy in West Michigan.” DeWys Manufacturing is proud to be an active participant in the raising awareness of the advanced manufacturing career opportunities to students in our community.


DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Purchases New Automated Conveyor System

DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art automated conveyor system. This conveyor system is over 160 feet long, weighs 44,000 pounds, and allows for a fast and easy connection of parts from the fabrication process to the powder coating line. With a total of eight loading stations within the conveyor system, our customers’ products are easily accessible at any point in our value streams. Once the pallet has been loaded onto the line, photo electric sensors are used to detect that they are in the correct position and ready to move down the conveyor.

With this new conveyor system in place, DeWys Manufacturing will be able to ensure that parts will be painted in the order they are received due to FIFO (first in first out). Hi-lo transportation has also been reduced allowing for better product flow from value stream to value stream, thus reducing our product handling time. The addition of this new conveyor system to DeWys Manufacturing will continue to enhance our lean process for future growth and progress, while providing continued quality improvements for our customers.


DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Collaborates with Engineers to Improve Weld Booths

DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the innovative improvements of their previous welding facility. DeWys undertook the challenge of increasing weld booth capabilities, and improving team member workspace. The new design allows for a more prominent work environment and efficient product flow within the company which is a part of DeWys Manufacturing’s lean culture and continuous improvement activities.

IMG_3398Prior to the development of the new system, the weld booths lacked the functionality DeWys Mfg. needed to keep up with the evolving products of the manufacturing industry. The new weld booth blueprint features an open design concept creating a comfortable workspace with incandescent lighting, improved ventilation, UV protected welding curtains, and direct access to the paint line. DeWys Mfg. engineered specialized cabinets that hold the welding power supply, wire feeder, and other supplies needed for the operator outside of the booth. This allows the welder to have an easier handling on the part, increased safety, and cuts down on material handling time.

By reviewing the facilities floor plans, DeWys Mfg. produced a design to change the atmosphere for welders and increase production while maintaining a high quality standard for manufactured products. This upgrade is just one step in DeWys Manufacturing’s commitment to continually improve and provide customers with a complete metal solutions company that is

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Welcomes Three Co-Op Students to the Team

Marne, MI (June 20th, 2016) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of three co-op students, Jesse, Derek, and Alex, to the DeWys Mfg. team. These co-op students will be exposed to a broad range of projects to encourage new critical thinking skills as well as receiving a hands-on learning experience.

IMG_1562These three students are all obtaining their degree in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and Michigan Technological University. Jesse, from GVSU, stated “I wanted to be an engineer because they have a direct impact on the world around them, and are given a real chance to make a difference. “ Whereas Derek, also from GVSU said, “I decided that engineering would offer the perfect mix of intellectual and physical labor.”

During their time at DeWys Mfg., the co-op students will be working closely with the DeWys Innovation team to propose efficient weld booth layouts, value stream developments, and front end alignment designs for the engineering team. “I enjoy the emphasis of hands-on learning DeWys Mfg. has provided me, as well as the opportunities to implement my innovative ideas,“ said Alex from Michigan Tech.

Jesse, Derek, and Alex’s skills and knowledge will add value throughout DeWys Manufacturing, as well as provide them with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturing industry.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Welcomes a New Addition to the Engineering Team

Marne, MI (May 23rd, 2016) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the promotion of Nate Lillibridge as our new product development engineer. In his new role, Nate will be instrumental in benefiting our customers through redesign for manufacturability and cost reduction, supporting manufacturing through IMG_3116process and product improvements, and reviewing customer prints. Furthermore, he will be developing and creating internal manufacturing print packages for a wide variety of customer products.

Nate has worked with DeWys Mfg. for five years starting with the maintenance department, where he gained experiences in all aspects of the manufacturing process. This career advancement will make Nate the fifth engineer on the DeWys Engineering team, adding to their depth of knowledge and capabilities for our customers. Nate is currently attending Grand Rapids Community College and taking classes towards his Mechanical Design degree, giving him the skills and knowledge necessary to be an asset to DeWys Manufacturing.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Adds High Performance Salvagnini P2-Lean Panel Bending Capabilities

Marne, MI (April 25th, 2016) DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Salvagnini P2-Lean Panel Bender. This Salvagnini has a wide variety of capabilities including an automatic tool changer, Mac 2.0 – material attitude correction, and electric driven actuators. The new machine has upper and lower bend blades that will allow bends from -135 to +135 degrees in a single step. Furthermore, the Salvagnini has an automatic blank-holder tool with the ability to center sheets only once at the start of the run.

The addition of the P2-Lean Panel Bender with our current Salvagnini Performer will expand our ability to create precise bends and high end quality products for our customers. President of DeWys Mfg., C.T. Martin, says, “this advancement in technology enables DeWys Mfg. to offer automated forming of more diverse products while increasing product throughput for greater on-time performance.”

In keeping with our brand promise of shortest lead time in the industry and guaranteed customer astonishment, DeWys Manufacturing looks forward to the opportunities the Salvagnini P2-Lean Panel Bender will create for our current and future customers.