DeWys Manufacturing History

In 1977, Mark DeWys founded DeWys Manufacturing as a “one-man” metal shop in West Michigan. The small shop’s original service was the fabrication of fireplace inserts, racks, and various small metal parts. Almost 45 years later, we currently employ over 200 team members, serve 11 different industries, and over 160 different clients located in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and across the United States.

Today, we are continuing our success under the leadership of CEO, Jon DeWys, Mark’s brother, and President, Mark Schoenborn. As a leadership team they direct a highly qualified management team with years of experience. Unlike other companies, team members are seen as problem solvers, experts, and leaders of ingenuity instead of using specific job titles. This helps to create a work environment which encourages innovation, boosts production, and remains fresh and motivating.

Having outgrown several smaller facilities, we currently operate a circle of five distinct companies under the DeWys Manufacturing umbrella offering a variety of manufacturing services to our customers.

Lean manufacturing techniques lead the organization, providing separate value streams with each one specializing and completing a specific process. These value streams have allowed us to produce high-quality products at shorter lead-times for each customer’s requirements.

This new “one stop shop” method of production and wide ranging capabilities are qualities that ensure continued partnership with each customer and grow together.