DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Welcomes Three Co-Op Students to the Team

Marne, MI (June 20th, 2016) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of three co-op students, Jesse, Derek, and Alex, to the DeWys Mfg. team. These co-op students will be exposed to a broad range of projects to encourage new critical thinking skills as well as receiving a hands-on learning experience.

IMG_1562These three students are all obtaining their degree in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and Michigan Technological University. Jesse, from GVSU, stated “I wanted to be an engineer because they have a direct impact on the world around them, and are given a real chance to make a difference. “ Whereas Derek, also from GVSU said, “I decided that engineering would offer the perfect mix of intellectual and physical labor.”

During their time at DeWys Mfg., the co-op students will be working closely with the DeWys Innovation team to propose efficient weld booth layouts, value stream developments, and front end alignment designs for the engineering team. “I enjoy the emphasis of hands-on learning DeWys Mfg. has provided me, as well as the opportunities to implement my innovative ideas,“ said Alex from Michigan Tech.

Jesse, Derek, and Alex’s skills and knowledge will add value throughout DeWys Manufacturing, as well as provide them with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturing industry.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Welcomes a New Addition to the Engineering Team

Marne, MI (May 23rd, 2016) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the promotion of Nate Lillibridge as our new product development engineer. In his new role, Nate will be instrumental in benefiting our customers through redesign for manufacturability and cost reduction, supporting manufacturing through IMG_3116process and product improvements, and reviewing customer prints. Furthermore, he will be developing and creating internal manufacturing print packages for a wide variety of customer products.

Nate has worked with DeWys Mfg. for five years starting with the maintenance department, where he gained experiences in all aspects of the manufacturing process. This career advancement will make Nate the fifth engineer on the DeWys Engineering team, adding to their depth of knowledge and capabilities for our customers. Nate is currently attending Grand Rapids Community College and taking classes towards his Mechanical Design degree, giving him the skills and knowledge necessary to be an asset to DeWys Manufacturing.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Adds High Performance Salvagnini P2-Lean Panel Bending Capabilities

Marne, MI (April 25th, 2016) DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Salvagnini P2-Lean Panel Bender. This Salvagnini has a wide variety of capabilities including an automatic tool changer, Mac 2.0 – material attitude correction, and electric driven actuators. The new machine has upper and lower bend blades that will allow bends from -135 to +135 degrees in a single step. Furthermore, the Salvagnini has an automatic blank-holder tool with the ability to center sheets only once at the start of the run.

The addition of the P2-Lean Panel Bender with our current Salvagnini Performer will expand our ability to create precise bends and high end quality products for our customers. President of DeWys Mfg., C.T. Martin, says, “this advancement in technology enables DeWys Mfg. to offer automated forming of more diverse products while increasing product throughput for greater on-time performance.”

In keeping with our brand promise of shortest lead time in the industry and guaranteed customer astonishment, DeWys Manufacturing looks forward to the opportunities the Salvagnini P2-Lean Panel Bender will create for our current and future customers.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Creates “One of a Kind” Automated Fastener Insertion Machine

Marne, MI (February 22nd, 2016) DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce their newest innovation of a robotic fastener insertion machine. This machine is the first of its kind in the United States allowing up to eight fasteners in an automated process. The customer’s complex parts will be generated in one setup, ensuring every fastener is installed correctly and in the proper orientation.

automated insertion machineThe insertion machine features a Fanuc robot that positions parts into a custom made press which is supplied with eight vibratory bowl feeders. The bowl feeders are proficient in supplying studs and nuts automatically. The robot is equipped with an automatic tool changer to switch between fixtures that are designed to work with flat material, and use a series of vacuum cups to maneuver the parts. This new innovation will improve production efficiency allowing customers to see consistent and accurate insertion of fasteners.

The automated fastener insertion machine was created around the lean manufacturing concept known as one piece flow. One piece flow helps to limit work in process inventory, decrease lead time, and improve quality. This will help improve the scheduling process for both current and future customers. DeWys Manufacturing looks forward to increasing our contract manufacturing capabilities and meeting our customer needs utilizing this new automated fastener insertion machine.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Adds New Riveting Capabilities

Marne, MI (January 21st, 2016) DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of an Orbitform Model B-310. This forming machine, also known as an orbital riveter, can be used in a wide variety of applications serving numerous industries from furniture to medical equipment. This new addition to DeWys Mfg. production processes adds additional permanent fastening solutions alongside PEM and POP rivets.

IMG_1652The new orbital riveter is a cold forming process that forms rivets using 80% less force than an average press. It can form up to .840” in diameter at 100psi input pressure and includes features like an HS-310 orbital head with developed peen. In addition, the new machine will allow DeWys Mfg. to create articulating joints and it is 100% made in the United States.

The Orbitform Model B-310 allows DeWys Manufacturing to be able to create hinge joints for our customers that are higher in quality and more captivating to the eye. Adding this orbital riveting machine will give DeWys Mfg. the next level of value our current and future customers are searching for.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Gives Back to the Greater Grand Rapids Area in 2015

Marne, MI (December 16th, 2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, would like to recognize the volunteer efforts our team members gave during the 2015 calendar year. Not only does DeWys Mfg. value our relationships with our customers, but also with local organizations that are in need of supplies and services to continue the positive growth of the greater Grand Rapids area.

DeWys Manufacturing team members contributed their services to four organizations that devote their time and efforts to the community. In February and November, DeWys Mfg. held food drives that allowed team members to donate canned food items to Feeding America of West Michigan which in turn is donated to one of the 1,100 food pantries, soup kitchens, or homeless shelters in their service area. During the month of August, DeWys collected back to school supplies like pencils, folders and notebooks to contribute to North Kent Community Services for children who were in need of these items to start their school year. In October, DeWys celebrated MFG Day by teaming up with another local manufacturer and Habitat for Humanity of Kent County to winterize their learning garden which is used to help train future homeowners on how to maintain their yard once they move into their home. To finish up the year, DeWys Manufacturing team members collected new and unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. These toys will be donated to children in the lakeshore area to help spread the message of hope and joy on Christmas.

Volunteering time and/or donating supplies are just a few ways to give back to those that are less fortunate than others. DeWys Manufacturing team members are humbled to know that they helped make a difference in the greater Grand Rapids area, and are looking forward to new volunteer activities in 2016.


DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Welcomes a New Weld Engineer

Marne, MI (November 20, 2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of Ryan Crandell as our new Weld Engineer. In his new role, Ryan will be overseeing all manual and robotic weld processes as well as improving current technology. He will also train all team members on proper weld procedures and provide weld expertise to our customers.

IMG_2112Ryan is a graduate of Ferris State University (FSU) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Welding Engineering Technology. While in school he had a yearlong internship at DeWys Mfg. where he worked to improve automation capabilities. Prior to attending Ferris State University, Ryan was a production welder for 9 years and received an Associates in Welding Technology degree from FSU and an Associates of Science degree from Grand Rapids Community College.  Ryan has been a member of the American Welding Society for the past 5 years and is looking to continue his membership and receive his CWI (Certified Welding Inspector). Ryan’s years of industry experience and education will give him the knowledge and understanding needed to be a valued addition to the DeWys Manufacturing team.

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Participates in Manufacturing Day

Marne, MI (October 26th, 2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, opened their doors for the third year to celebrate Manufacturing Day. Declared by President Obama as a national holiday, the goal of Manufacturing Day is to address the common misperceptions of a dark, dingy, and dead-end work environment. The focus is to raise awareness of advanced manufacturing career opportunities available to educators, parents, and students.

DeWys Manufacturing Day 2015DeWys Manufacturing had three high schools in the greater Grand Rapids area tour their facility to learn about their culture and technology. Along with the tours the students were shown lean manufacturing videos, offered a Q & A session, and refreshments. This gave students the opportunity to open their eyes to the various careers and experiences DeWys Mfg. has to offer.

As part of Manufacturing Day, DeWys partnered with Amstore to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County. Amstore, a West Michigan based manufacture, provides custom store fixtures and interiors to leading national retailers, brands, and other consumer-facing organizations. Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity offered the opportunity to promote team work while making a difference in the community. Overall, it was a privilege for DeWys Manufacturing to be a part of hosting schools and volunteering in honor of Manufacturing Day. DeWys Manufacturing believes this is helping to make a difference in changing perception of our skilled labor workforce.

Adding Value to our Manufacturing Capabilities

Marne, MI (September 14,2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Amada EMK3612 Turret.

IMG_1503This turret has a wide variety of capabilities including automated sheet loading and unloading, the ability to complete coined in features such as tapping, countersinking, and letter stamping. In addition, it has ram positioning accuracy, a full set of high performance, quick adjust, large station air-blow holders, and precision ram motion control.

The new Amada EMK3612 offers DeWys Mfg. the capability of new forming features that can be difficult, impossible, or cost prohibited to complete in a press brake. The power vacuum system eliminates “slug pulling” which in turn helps improve our production efficiency for our customers. When the turret capabilities are combined with lower operating costs, it will result in a more economic solution compared to laser cutting. The Amada EMK3612’s new benefits will help DeWys Mfg. continue to provide improved service and opportunities to our customers.


Brandon Secord Joins DeWys Mfg as Mechanical Designer

Marne, MI (August 7th, 2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of Brandon Secord as our new Mechanical Designer.

Brandon SecordIn his new role, Brandon will be working as a part of the engineering team to improve customer product designs and customer relationships. He will also be instrumental in working with team members to improve overall design capabilities for our customers.

Prior to joining DeWys Manufacturing, Brandon was a student at Ferris State University. He received his Associates in CAD Drafting and Tool Design. Brandon was a part of MIGHTS (Michigan Industry and Technology Society) in high school and RSO (Registered Student Organization) during college. He also had a summer internship at a metal stamping company where he assembled dies and worked in the prototyping department. These opportunities will give Brandon the knowledge and experience needed to bring new insight to DeWys Manufacturing, and be a valued team member.