Midwest Manufacturing

DeWys Manufacturing serves several industries, which are found throughout the United States, but mostly in the Midwest / Great Lake Region; Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

We perform a variety of functions and manufacturing for these industries. Examples include the production of small and large parts through the use of our precision sheet metal fabrication, powder coating, and product assembly with various materials.

Among our different industries, we serve over 160 customers, including Steelcase, American Seating and Tennant, all of whom have individual needs and specifications. As a result of this diversity, we have a wide range of manufacturing, production and assembly capabilities to fit every customers needs. Examples of our products are office chairs, medical storage equipment, and gas pumps.

Because our customers are so important, we sincerely encourage any suggestions and opinions that are provided. From the product engineering process to the end product delivery, we continuously communicate with customers and include them in every aspect of production.

Through the use of our “Solid Works” CAD, we are able to provide 3-D parametric modeling allowing us to measure progress and accuracy and ensure that products are always created to our customers’ satisfaction.

Close communication and the use of Lean manufacturing techniques enables us to design and get components into production quickly. We also have developed our own “Fast Track P.O. to Prototype” process to ensure that your product is designed and manufactured without delay.